Summer holiday essentials sorted. 

The Giant Washbag is a holiday staple. Fit ALL your cosmetic items, including your hairdryer into one of our waxed canvas, waterproof lined saviours!

SHORTS. Everyone needs a pair of shorts. Especially ones made of dreamy breathable silk with a limited edition print:


You simply cannot leave the house without one of these in your bag when on holiday. They wrap up small, you can throw it on over anything, snuggle with it on the aeroplane, even wear it out as a skirt, shove it on a hot seat to stop your derier from burning, wrap around your shoulders to stop your shoulders from being sun trapped, dip in cool water and arrange over your body to provide a coolant or simply, lie on it:

FINALLY - A slip dress, yes we have many to choose from but these babies will take you from day-to-night. In style.


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