Gifts we love under 75 pounds!

Show your love this Christmas by gifting JRF!

What can be better than sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Luxurious silk pillowcases by JRF will give the most pleasant sensations of comfort to you and your loved ones! Made with the softest silk and decorated with hand-drawn prints by JRF.

For an even more unforgettable experience, you can pair your silk pillowcase gift with JRF Silk Eye Masks! Every mask shares a unique hand-drawn illustration and comes in our signature gift box!

When speaking about gifts, how can we forget about our vegan cosmetic bags? They are everything that you need in one bag! Find them in three different sizes and shapes to suit your needs best. Apart from colourful and funny prints, what we love most about cosmetic bags is that they are fully waterproof! No need to worry about spilling something on your favourite print by JRF.

If you need to add some extra love to your Christmas gift it’s worth it for you to check out our Silk Scrunchies Collection. Everyone needs a stylish way of protecting their hair!



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