Here at JRF, we’re somewhat obsessed with our sleep! Therefore we decided to put a well-known rumour to the test and explore whether sleeping on silk really does have health benefits. And the good news… it seems that the science behind the rumour actually exists…

Your face has more contact with a pillowcase than any other fabric, yet, whilst we will spend thousands of pounds on expensive face creams, few are fully aware of the true benefits of switching to silk pillowcases. Whilst the initial outlay may be more expensive, it seems it’s an excellent long term investment. In fact, silk pillowcases are widely recommended by dermatologists.

So what are the benefits and how do they work?

Hair hair everywhere…

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘bedhead’ and no doubt have all experienced it at some point in our life (if not every day!). ‘Bedhead’ is a result of cotton or other similar fibres having a static quality, which causes friction with your hair throughout the night, causing it to bunch and knot whilst you sleep. Silk on the other hand is anti-static, allowing your hair to glide across the pillow, with no friction in site. Furthermore, fabrics such as cotton, soak up the sebum from our hair, which is produced naturally by our bodies. Unfortunately our bodies then overcompensate for this loss of sebum and go into overdrive, resulting in a greasy, knotted fro…nice!

Similarly, the friction caused by cotton or similar fabrics is also relevant to your skin. Consequently, silk pillowcases are highly recommended for anyone with sensitive skin, especially those suffering from conditions such as Rosacea and Acne. With your face able to move smoothly across the pillow, gone are the days of puffy morning face!

Yet, arguably the best thing about silk is the fact the fibres are smooth and tightly woven. This allows moisture to be kept closer to the skin, so that our naturally produced facial oils remain in the skin, rather than being absorbed into the fibres. The result of this is less dehydration of the skin cells and therefore fewer wrinkles! Hooray!!

So it seems silk really is the miracle fabric when it comes to our skin and hair. On top of all this, it is a naturally cooling material for those horrible sweaty nights. It’s also hypoallergenic as it has a natural resistance to mites.

We can see therefore why silk is held in such high regard and why to this day it is still considered as the ultimate luxury. We think it deserves every bit of credit it gets!

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