Modelling our new "kitsch" candy cane frill mask... we meet the exuberant, fashion-forward, baby faced new influencer on the scene.

We've always loved @downrainbowlane.. we were introduced at a pop up in one of our favourite Cheshire based stockists (Tabernum in Taporley - DEFFO worth a visit to this little treasure trove of hand selected brands & pieces, picked by curator & owner Alicia; more like a concept experience with the stylised interior & wonderful smells of burning candles)..where Charlotte Lane (AKA @downrainbowlane) consults/models & helps curate content. Described as a little gem of radiance.. here's a small window into her vibe, Christmas & her current lockdown life:

JRF: How would you describe your style?

CL: COLOURFUL. I love anything bright, pastellys, printed and pieces that just make you happy to look at. I’ve recently gone very casual so colourful loungewear is my absolute go to right now.

JRF: What do you want to achieve via your social channels?

CL: I would love it to become my full time job one day. I’m nearly there and I just the love the fact that every day is different and that I get to work with so many different people. 

3. How are you coping with lockdown life?

Luckily enough I can still go and do some freelance work I have been doing prior to lockdown so it’s gets me out the house (safely of course) and I can still live a slightly normal life (if life ever is normal anymore?!). I keep myself busy with Instagram and going on nice country walks when I’m not working.

4. What's your favourite current TV series (if you watch anything?)

I honestly don’t watch much tv if I’m honest but like every other girl I absolutely loved Emily In Paris and I’ve heard good reviews about ‘The Queens Gambit’ so I’m definitely going to start watching that soon. Gogglebox is my true tv love haha!

5. What do you love most about Christmas?

Christmas Eve is my favourite day / night out of the year (hoping this year can be just as good) but I absolutely love it when everyone is together and just so happy. I obviously of course love all the bright lights on the houses and trees. It’s so magical! 

For some uplifting fun, fashion styling & shopping steals on instagram.. follow @downrainbowlane 

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